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3 most dangerous highways in Greensboro

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2021 | Personal Injury

The Piedmont Triad region is one of the most frequently traveled regions in North Carolina. Multiple highways run through this area and each has its dangerous conditions.

What are the three most dangerous highways in Greensboro and what makes them so dangerous?

1. Interstate 40

A 2019 study ranked I-40 as one of the deadliest highways for summer travel. During the two years between 2015 and 2017, 61 deaths occurred because of crashes on this interstate. Speed is the most frequently cited contributor to dangerous conditions on this highway. Additionally, I-40 is one of the most traveled roads in North Carolina, which can lead to congested conditions, particularly during busy times, such as holiday weekends or rush hour traffic.

2. Interstate 85

I-85 is another frequently traveled interstate that passes through the Greensboro region. This highway accounted for 50 traffic deaths during the study period.

3. U.S. Route 421

432 miles of U.S. Route 421 passes through North Carolina with the largest part of it being included in the North Carolina Strategic Highway Corridors System. This highway has undergone multiple changes in lane configurations that may lead to driver confusion. Changes in road configurations, congestion and high speeds on this highway contribute to major accidents, such as multiple car pileups and tractor-trailer crashes.

The common factors contributing to dangerous conditions on all of these highways are excessive speeds and congestion. Drivers can reduce their risk by driving the speed limit and maintaining defensive driving practices during times of heavy congestion.