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Recourse available for victims of drunk driving car accidents

The leading cause of death and personal injury in the United States is motor vehicle accidents. The devastating effects of car accidents on North Carolina victims and their families cannot be negated, but when the accident is due to drunk driving, the futility of it all seems even more evident. It seems as if too many drivers have become complacent and overconfident in their driving abilities, especially when under the influence.

Such a tragedy when children die in truck or car accidents

While celebrating the recent holidays, a North Carolina family could not foresee how their lives would be changed forever. Just one day after celebrating Christmas, a horrible accident took the life of their five-year-old son. It is always tragic when children die in truck and car accidents, but when such accidents happen during festive times, the tragedy seems even greater.

The disruptive impact of car accidents in the holiday season

A recent accident in North Carolina has led to the death of a pastor, aged 43. The accident happened on a recent Tuesday evening in December. Fatal car accidents such as this one disrupts the lives of those left behind during a time when families typically come together for the holidays.

Car accidents, a leading cause of personal injury claims

There is no doubt that motor vehicles are not only a part of the history of the United States, but they also play an intricate part in the daily lives of all Americans, including the citizens of North Carolina. Motor vehicles provide many comforts, but also cause a lot of heartache. Statistics indicate that 6.5 million car accidents occur in one year, resulting in 3 million injured victims and the deaths of many.

Avoiding motorcycle accidents

Over the years, motorcycles have become more popular throughout North Carolina, both as a mode of transportation and for recreation. As a rider, when you share the road with much larger vehicles it puts you in a high risk of becoming involved in an accident.

Bike versus car accidents: Cyclists have no hope

In a period of only five days, three cyclists in North Carolina have been hit by other vehicles. The cyclists in the first accident, which happened on a recent Monday in October, are still in the hospital. A young father was killed in the second accident, which occurred at about 6:37 p.m. on the Friday after. These two tragic accidents once again prove that in bike versus car accidents, the cyclists involved stand no chance.

Drivers should be aware of fall hazards

Now that October is drawing to a close, you probably have noticed a change in the weather. There’s a chill in the air in the morning hours, the days are getting progressively shorter and leaves are beginning to fall from trees. Because of the changing weather conditions, drivers will have to change as well. After all, the hazards that drivers had to deal with during the summer driving season are different in the fall.

How pedestrians and drivers can be safe on Halloween

Halloween is still two weeks away, but it is still important for people who intend to be out that night to be mindful of the importance of safe driving. After all, scores of children will be canvassing neighborhoods in search of candy. Indeed, many little ones will be chaperoned by parents, but drivers should take additional measures of caution.  

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