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Recourse available for victims of drunk driving car accidents

The leading cause of death and personal injury in the United States is motor vehicle accidents. The devastating effects of car accidents on North Carolina victims and their families cannot be negated, but when the accident is due to drunk driving, the futility of it all seems even more evident. It seems as if too many drivers have become complacent and overconfident in their driving abilities, especially when under the influence.

Some accidents can purely be ascribed to genuine mistakes, but more often than not poor driving and unsafe practices of the driver are the causes of car accidents. North Carolina legislation stipulates that a victim injured in an accident resulting from the negligence or recklessness of another driver, or the family of a deceased victim, is entitled to compensation for damages resulting from the accident. Drunk driving, disobeying traffic laws and excessive speed are driving practices which is indicative of driver negligence.  

In order to determine liability, accident investigators will try to determine who was at fault. If you, or a loved one, have been the victim of a car accident, a consultation with one of the personal injury lawyers at our firm may assist in protecting your interests when it comes to determining fault. Insurance companies are known to use fault percentages to make sure one driver is not held solely responsible for an accident, or even to pass the buck.

The experience offered by the lawyers of our North Carolina firm can help protect your interests by safeguarding you against possible unfair accusations from insurance companies. We can also assist in obtaining compensation considered fair for you as a victim of a drunk driving accident or other accident caused by negligence. For more information, consult our page regarding car accidents.

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