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December 2016 Archives

Such a tragedy when children die in truck or car accidents

While celebrating the recent holidays, a North Carolina family could not foresee how their lives would be changed forever. Just one day after celebrating Christmas, a horrible accident took the life of their five-year-old son. It is always tragic when children die in truck and car accidents, but when such accidents happen during festive times, the tragedy seems even greater.

Congregation mourns death of pastor after drunk driving accident

A North Carolina family and congregation are mourning the death of a senior pastor after a fatal accident. The pastor of the Abundant Life Church of God was killed in a tragic drunk driving accident on a recent Tuesday evening in December. All three his children, who were traveling with him, were also injured in the accident.

3 facts about bailing a friend out of jail

You got a phone call from a friend asking you to post bail. Your friend might have begged and pleaded for you to do this. Before you agree to put up money to get your friend out of jail, you have to understand some facts about bails and bonds so that you understand exactly what you are agreeing to do.

Decisions on child custody -- what is best for the children

When a couple decides to file for divorce and there are children involved, it is inevitable that the divorce will affect the children in some way or another.  Children are often seen as the victims of divorce because of the many ways in which they can be negatively affected. Fortunately, these effects can be minimized if North Carolina parents and their lawyers always remember that in every matter concerning the children, such as child custody decisions, the best interests of the children involved must be the first priority.

The disruptive impact of car accidents in the holiday season

A recent accident in North Carolina has led to the death of a pastor, aged 43. The accident happened on a recent Tuesday evening in December. Fatal car accidents such as this one disrupts the lives of those left behind during a time when families typically come together for the holidays.

Car accidents, a leading cause of personal injury claims

There is no doubt that motor vehicles are not only a part of the history of the United States, but they also play an intricate part in the daily lives of all Americans, including the citizens of North Carolina. Motor vehicles provide many comforts, but also cause a lot of heartache. Statistics indicate that 6.5 million car accidents occur in one year, resulting in 3 million injured victims and the deaths of many.

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