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Avoiding motorcycle accidents

Over the years, motorcycles have become more popular throughout North Carolina, both as a mode of transportation and for recreation. As a rider, when you share the road with much larger vehicles it puts you in a high risk of becoming involved in an accident.

Even riders with years of experience can become the victims of intoxicated drivers, distracted drivers, or drivers that simply failed to see them. In these instances, riders who have suffered serious injury should consult an attorney experienced with motorcycle accidents to learn about their rights.

Knowing the most common type of accidents and how to avoid them is your first line of defense to avoid becoming the victim of someone else's poor driving.

Cars turning in front of you

One of the most common accidents is caused by a driver that fails to see you and executes a left turn. One of the reasons for this is that most drivers are looking for other cars, not motorcycles. It can also be due to inattention, blind spots, or a miscalculation of your speed.

One of the ways to avoid this type of accident is to always assume that it is going to happen. This means that you should be more alert for the signs that someone may turn in front of you. Pay special attention to driveways and parking lots as you approach them. Also be aware of cars already waiting to turn and gaps in traffic near intersections.

Cars changing lanes

Since your motorcycle is small enough to easily fit into bind spots, you are at risk of being hit by a driver that does not see you while changing lanes.

You can avoid this by being aware of your location in reference to the cars around you. Know where blind spots are and try to move into a position that makes you visible to drivers.

When traffic is slowing down or there is one lane moving significantly faster than the others, stay alert for drivers suddenly changing lanes without warning. Try to avoid the areas where they will want to be.

Getting hit from behind

Getting hit from behind, even at low speeds can kill someone on a motorcycle. This can occur when you pull up to a signal light or stop sign, or when traffic suddenly comes to a halt in front of you, and the car coming from behind does not see you.

To avoid this type of accident, make sure your brake lights are working and rapidly flash them while stopped. Also, when stopped, stay to the side of th e lane, rather than the center, and lave yourself enough room to scoot out of the way if it looks like the car coming behind you will not be able to stop in time.

Motorcycle riders run a much greater risk of being involved in a car accident than those behind the wheel. Sometimes injuries can be completely disabling or fatal, and frequently, insurance companies will try to blame the unsafe practices of the rider in order to avoid paying a claim. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact a local North Carolina attorney with experience in personal injury claims.

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