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How pedestrians and drivers can be safe on Halloween

Halloween is still two weeks away, but it is still important for people who intend to be out that night to be mindful of the importance of safe driving. After all, scores of children will be canvassing neighborhoods in search of candy. Indeed, many little ones will be chaperoned by parents, but drivers should take additional measures of caution.  

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of pedestrian accidents tend to spike on October 31 of each year. Because of this, drivers and pedestrians should take note of the following tips.

Limit alcohol consumption – The public service announcements say it all, but it is still up to individual drivers to refrain from alcohol or other mood altering drugs before getting behind the wheel. Even a “tipsy” or “buzzed” driver can be a danger to pedestrians; especially children.

Limit texting– The same could be said about walking and texting. A person paying too much attention to their phone could walk in front of a car and not even realize it until it is too late. The same applies to people who are behind the wheel.

Take steps to be seen – It is good if your costume can have small LED lights or be outfitted with reflectors. If your costume doesn’t glow in the dark or have lights, a bright colored costume can help drivers see you in the dark.

Be wary of intersections – Cars are supposed to give pedestrians the right of way at four-way stops. The same applies at intersections that have stoplights. However, not every driver stops (or sees pedestrians) at intersections. As such, additional care should be taken at intersections.

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