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Drivers should be aware of fall hazards

Now that October is drawing to a close, you probably have noticed a change in the weather. There’s a chill in the air in the morning hours, the days are getting progressively shorter and leaves are beginning to fall from trees. Because of the changing weather conditions, drivers will have to change as well. After all, the hazards that drivers had to deal with during the summer driving season are different in the fall.

This post will highlight a few of these hazards, and what drivers can do to remain safe. 

Foggy conditions – The cool morning air may be cool, but the ground may still be warm. Nevertheless, this can produce thick fog which can make for challenging driving conditions. Drivers must slow down so that they have the proper time to react to these conditions. Also, it is not a good idea to use high beams in foggy conditions because they will likely not be effective.

Sun glare – If you have to drive east in the morning and it is not cloudy or foggy, chances are that the sun will be in your eyes. Indeed, the sun shades in your car may help,  but it is better to keep windows free of dust and debris so you are not temporarily blinded. This can also help in seeing hazards before it is too late.

Watch for migrating animals – It is not uncommon for deer and other animals to move from one feeding ground to another. These trips commonly cross major roads and two-lane highways. With that said, drivers must be aware of crossing animals in the early morning hours and at dusk. 

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