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September 2016 Archives

Personal Injury Rule #1: Increase Your UIM Limits

Greensboro Personal Injury Lawyers know that you need Underinsured Motoris Coverage...do you?  Many North Carolina residents do not realize that their own automobile insurance can provide significant compensation to us for injuries we sustain in a collision. In fact, your own car insurance can provide compensation to you even if you are not in your car when the collision occurs.

Why You Must Follow The Law In Custody Disputes.

When disputes erupt regarding child custody, it is easy to let your emotions get the best of you. After all, these are your kids. It is hard for many parents to come to grips with the fact that they will not be spending every night under the same roof any more.


If you have a co-parenting family, chances are there are two parenting schedules in place for your school-aged children. One schedule is in effect during holidays and school vacations while the other schedule pertains to when your children are in school. Now that it's back-to-school time, you and your ex-spouse should review your custody agreement plan. 

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